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Long under the suspicion of using a body double to get everything done, Ülane possesses the three qualities needed to run the perfect tour company - a passion for travelling, a passion for business and the determination of a bulldozer facing a house of twigs. The house of twigs in this case being the ludicrous idea that work has to be serious.

Around ten years ago Ülane quit a well-paid day job for a vague promise of epic success in the tourist business and started putting together a team of fun-loving people with the ultimate goal of livening up the whole tour guiding field. It all seems to have paid off too, as her trusty staff displays enthusiasm and joy the kind of which hasn’t been seen since the opening of Disneyland.

With a strong belief in the notion that everything can always be improved upon, Ülane has witnessed the growth of Traveller Tours from just a few busted bicycles to a staff of almost fifty people. After already conquering the Baltics her future plans include massive global expansion.

Besides running this wonderful tour company, Ülane has a hobby of teaching university students the secrets to life and business management and is a proud mother of two children who will surely grow up to be as clever as her.

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Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Pleasant,informative and enthousiatic"

IT is a must for all city trippers ,the guide was very good and gave a lot of interesting info and history.

"Recommend "

Interesting and fun trip. Get to see some lovely parts of the counties that wouldn’t see otherwise.

"An absolute adventure"

When I travel, I crave new and different experiences. The only way I can describe Narva & Eastern Bloc Tallinn tour is an absolute adventure. Going to the Russian/Estonian Border seeing relics of the Old Communist Occupation in the east and learning about the immense history of the region were all highlights. The guides were great. I'd go back again in a heartbeat, even if it's just for the herring.

"Simply the best way to explore the city"

Even after a few days in the city, the walking tour just made the city even better, aware of the hidden gems... Great work!!!

"You will never forget or regret the trip"

Lahemaa National Park day tour - wow best tour ever and I have done many all over the world - the trip was a day I will never forget from the wonderful company to the amaing sites things I will truly never forget it was not just a trip it made memories - priceless, thank you, IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE, DO THE TRIP

"Really nice tour!"

Ulena was really interesting and fun. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested to know Tallinn. Thank you!

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