Triin Business Development Manager & Senior Tour Guide

Triin has studied Tourism and Hospitality Management and Sales and Marketing Management. She is truly an international citizen – she has studied, lived and worked in six different countries all over the world and traveled to many more.

Besides traveling being her passion, she is also a hobby-chef and a barista as well as a qualified manicure artist even though she has never worked as one. Besides being a tour guide, Triin runs a small business which makes skin care products based on Nordic folk medicine. She is also a big fan of coffee.

Her wide range of interests and hobbies are all fueled by vast quantities of coffee she cannot live without.

Thanks to Triin's experiences in different countries she is great at becoming friends fast with people from all over the world despite language barriers. On her tours, she can also teach you some Estonian folk dancing because she has been dancing for 10 years.

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Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Great time, fantastic guide"

I have taken so many tours and travelled a lot, but I was so pleasantly surprised by this tour. I think it is the best one I have taken in Europe!! We visited the cutest little towns, had coffee in amazing place, went underground and the best - were driving through the narrow streets of Znojmo while having a karaoke in the car!! The guide was safe driver (the streets reminded me Italy and she managed to maneuver perfectly) and so fun to be around

"A fantastic trip from Vienna to Prague!"

Such a wonderful experience! There are so many beautiful places to discover in Czech Republic. My favourite was definitely Telc - a cute and picturesque little town with beautiful pastel coloured houses, just like in a romantic movie. Our local tour guide really brought the city to life, with his funny and entertaining stories. I had the BEST time!”

"Fantastic day!"

Great way to get from Prague to Munich. I had so much fun and made new friends on the way. Highly recommended!

"Enjoyable Tour"

We are a couple with a small kid and have joined the private tour from Tallinn to Sigulda. Our guide, Trinn, is a very attentive person and had taken care all the need of us, especially for the kid. We have visited the recommended spots to feel the natural environment of Estonia and Lativa. She has also explained a lot the history and society of Estonia which let us have a more clear understanding of the region. We do have plenty of chatting on whatever we are interested and have enjoyed a great day. She had also shared her childhood life which made us fond of the living here and we especially thanks for telling us to pick the natural blueberries. We do recommend to join the tour to see and feel the Baltic area.

"A tale between two cities"

Riding with an Estonian from Estonia into Latvia is quite the humorous experience, not to mention our group became fast friends. At the end of the day we were asking where the time had gone, and considering it was a 12 hour journey-I’d say that’s quite the testament to our time together exploring ruins, swinging, and walking on a bobsled track. And would you believe as we arrived in Riga we had a large and vibrant rainbow welcoming us, you’d almost think it was a planned part of the tour.

"A wonderful way to go from Riga to Tallinn"

We were planning a trip that would include Riga and Tallinn, and I have run into your ad proposing to get from Riga to Tallinn by a bus tour. We decided to try it, but had some doubts. In particular, we were not sure we would survive 12 hours on a bus. In the end we enjoyed the trip very much. Triin the guide/driver was very professional, very knowledgeable and with a good sense of humor. We visited beautiful Latvian and Estonian countryside, which we would never seen otherwise, and the time passed very fast.

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