Heleene Customer Service Wizard

Heleene is the fairy godmother of the Traveller office, the wizard behind the schedules, the warm voice on the phone. We assume she uses some sort of magic to make sure the tour guides are happy and the tourists get memorable experiences in the Baltics.

Managing a tour company is a 24/7 job. Timetravel is something Heleene picked up so she could help us run the office side of giving excellent tours, at the same time sing in three choirs, teach children science experiments, go horseback riding as well as spend time with family and play with her dog-sized rabbit.

Heleene came to us from the dark side. She used work as a sales rep for designer clothes, interacting with customers was fun, but she says working with Traveller is a job she loves with all her heart, even on the hard days.

Heleene’s cheerful attitude keep our guides positive and our schedules hassle free.

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